Friday, November 30, 2012


Pictures by James Vyn
KAYTURE BAG Guys, I realised the other day that I actually never shared with you on the blog the pictures James and I created for the launch of my new bag in partnership with Fab. Accessories. Thanks to Fashiolista who suggested this project, I had the opportunity to design my own bag for the brand which I know since a couple of months now and admire. The creator of Fab, Fabienne Chapot is a young woman full of inspiration, positiv energy and who simply enjoys every second of life. The kind of person who sees her glass half full instead of hal empty. This is something that she shares through her brand and I think we can all see the joy and love she puts in the creation of each piece. I got really inspired by the latest trends regarding the upcoming winter (which actually is already among us...), the holiday season magic and of course the colours you can yet see in shops and magazines. It seemed to me that red is not only a real Fab. colour but is also the perfect shade for Christmas. 

In my opinion, this bag is honestly a great pick as a Christmas gift and I hope you guys like it as much as I do. Feel free to check out the videos bellow and the rest of the shoot which was shot at the hotel Président Wilson in Geneva, thanks to the lovely Amélie for helping us organize everything. We shot the picture at their incredible restaurant L'Arabesque which is beyond glamourous, it was the perfect spot to make the idea of a chic and sparkly shoot we had in our head finally come true. The first video in the article bellow is a little add created by James and myself and the second one has been done by the lovely Joy Oelen who shot a little interview during the launch party of my bag at the Jelmoli shop in Zürich. Also if you guys are interested to check out the bag online then have a look by clicking right here! It's available all around the world :)

kristina 3

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Pictures by James Vyn
AT HOTEL EIGER If you guys are following Kayture for a couple of months now, then you might actually know that we have this very interesting project going on each month with weekend4two. Since James and I like to travel so much and share our experiences with you guys it was the perfect partnership possible actually and the most enriching way to discover some surprising destinations. Basically weekend4two is an online plateform where each of us can find a journey ''package'' suitablle for various occasions and needs, you'll have included in it a stay in a hotel with a restaurant and spa for example for a really interesting price. It's the perfect lifestyle experience possible for an affordable price and some highly exclusive offers. So we showed you guys our city trip in Milan and in Davos yet this month we had the chance to experience a very traditional offer which brougth us in the swiss mountains and more precisely : Grindelwald.

We stayed at the lovely Eiger hotel, which is a very typical spot. Nothing too chic but stays in a very classical swiss style. In our package was included some pretty exciting things, our stay started with some welcome wine and meat fondue at their great restaurant located on the 1 floor. The meat was simply delicious and it was very relaxing to be able to talk around a nice drink and some incredible food. On the second day we had the chance to have a special appointement at the spa for a private whirpool time which was absolutely perfect : nothing is better that being cuddled in warm bubbles with mountains around. If you guys are craving a sweet escape with your beloved one, just to relax and enjoy some quality time then check out the Grindelwald offer on weekend4two's website James and enjoyed experiencing!

BOOTS / BAG : Zalando Collection
BRACELETS : Backstage
RING : Avant Première


Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Pictures by James Vyn
COMFY Before showing you guys the rest of our pictures from Mexico (yup, I can believe I've still got so many left, it's pretty impressiv how many picture we shot back there : all I can say is that there were lots of cool moments to capture) I wanted to make a little quick break and show you guys a perfect outfit for the freezy days. I though, gosh how easy it was to dress in Mexico where the sun was shining, here in Switzerland where the most warm it can get by this time of the year is like 10°, it tends to be quite annoying to find some pretty ways to dress up and feel warm at the same time. You see, the fact is that you don't usually have like 15 coats in your dressing to adapt to your outfits and well let's say, showing you guys what's underneath the coat is quite tough when it's really bone freezing outside. So better find some nice solutions to looks chic and still feel comfortable. 

On the day James and I shot these pictures, it wasn't that horribly cold as the other days so I decided to wear my beloved A+Ro coat which really feels like a warm blanket on your body. And I can tell you, I was feeling super warm throughout the whole entire day. Also it's funny but I've  noticed that wearing some gloves or a beanie can change everything, not esthetically obviously but avoids you catching a cold which is absolutely great. And above all, I think that beanies are such cool winter accessories, they add that little edgy style to any look. To top off my outfit of the day I have chosen to wear a Zara burgundy leather shirt matched to deep red lips, as you might now burgundy (more commonly known as bordeau or deep red... more classy to say burgundy of course) has really been one of my favourtie shades lately.

COAT . A+Ro Thanks to Macha from the Omnitrade showroom
BAG : Dior
SHOES : Unknown 
LIPS : M.A.C ''Diva''


Monday, November 26, 2012


Pictures by James Vyn
PINK MAGNOLIA SS13 One of the most exciting things while staying in the land of tacos and sombreros (not that it resumes how I see Mexico but let's admit that those are two highly important elements) was the shooting I had to do for Nylon Mexico. For the occasion I had the chance to wear Pink Magnolia's new collection ''Baby Light My Fire'' which had just been presented during fashion week. It was a huge honour to wear Paola's new creations and above all work with such a cool and proffessional team. Compared to some previous shootings I had to do, this one was done so quickly that I didn't even have time to say ''chilli sauce''. Was it because I was having so much fun or because the organisation was excellent? That's a mystery.

So we basically picked out some favourite pieces out of the entire collection which ended up to be 4 absolutely stunning dresses. We shot the pictures inside one of the most beautiful italian restaurant in Mexico city, the architecture reminded me of my grandmother's place with vintage details and olden walls but the atmosphere was beyond amazing for the pictures. In this articles you guys get the sneak peek before everyone of what the shoot is going to look like, those are just backstage pictures James snapped while I was shooting but I can't even imagine what it's going to look like in the magazine itself. Finally,  my question is which one of those four looks is your favourite one among Pink Magnolia's new collection : the black and neon dress, the long black evening dress, the sparkly cocktail dress or the white one?

ALL DRESSES : Pink Magnolia
EARRINGS : Juicy Couture
SHOES : Navyboot
LIPSTICK : M.A.C ''Diva''