Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Pictures by James Vyn
SUNDAY BRUNCH AT THE BLUE SPA BAR During out Stylight experience and journey we had the occasion to stay at one of the most gorgeous hotel in Munich : the Bayerischer Hof. James and I  had several times the great opportunity because of the blog to visit some amazing places and especially breathtaking hotels who provide us with a lifestyle experience that we cherish so much are so gratefull for. I must admit therefore that the Bayerischer Hof was one of the most beautiful we have ever been to. A very classic, chic and luxurious style surrounded the atmosphere yet some particular spaces had a much more modern and design feel such as the Blue Spa bar where we enjoyed a goodbye brunch all together with the bloggers and the Stylight team. The ambiance was incredibly cozy, with the futuristic fireplace and the white furniture : everything seemed so polished, pure and got me into a deep relaxing and cocooning mood. Not to mention that the snow has covered the whole city so it matched perfectly to the interior design. We were surrounded by white from all perspectives.

We enjoyed, all together, the most delicious breakfast brunch while talking about the highlights of this great weekend in Munich. All of us were fascinated by the beauty of the hotel and simply didn't want to leave, some others rushed to the spa which was more that beautiful. It also gives you a perfect view on the whole city while swimming. One word : paradise. So though we really didn't plan to take our swimsuits with us, some just went in underwear. You can't miss an occasion like this one right, especially knowing that you are swimming in a hot water while winter is making it's way through Munich. A dream. Of course James and I took advantage of this relaxing time to go out on their beautiful terrace and snap a couple of pictures. My outfit was over the top simple, the fact is that I just woke up, didn't even dry my hair, and come right away to the brunch. Sometimes there's no need for jewerly or accessories. I was feeling so comfortable in my Isabel Lu sweater, it was warm, cozy and perfect for the occasion.

SWEATER : Isabel Lu, thanks to the lovely Macha from Omnitrade fashion



Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Pictures by James Vyn
PARTY IN GERMANY WITH STYLIGHT Last weekend, not only have I experienced an amazing time and journey with the Stylight team and many other european bloggers but also spent an absolutely unforgettable 19th birthday. So here's for the little story. After our intense saturday on the 27th of October, we had this very mysterious yet so exciting party planned at the Heart club in Munich. We were told that they have a ''secret room'' which is hidden behind boxes of sodas, you have to enter a code to get in : the boxes of soda indeed move and lead you to a secret passage which reveals Heart's restaurant and club. Since it was our last night all together, we were in an intense party mood. Everybody dressed up for the occasion and we were just ready to shake it, if you know what I mean. You might have understood that I am not that much of a party girl, but I love celebrating a special occasion like the end of an incredible trip or... my 19th birthday for example? So after enjoying a delicious meal at their restaurant we were off to the dance floor. 

Stylight organised a private party for their special guest bloggers, some bloggers from Germany and Sweden who were kind enough to come especially for the great occasion and some various personalities of the german fashion industry. James and I had one thing in mind, enjoy this amazing night. We had so much fun with two lovely bloggers from France, the gorgeous Emilie and the fabulous Pauline  : team french speakers! James also enjoyed some great time with the awesome Andreas Wijk who motivated us during the whole night. Not even one second I thought of what was going to happen in a couple of hours. Of course James and I talked of a general cheers at midnight when the date changes to the 28th but then the sneaky yet so kind Stylight team, just like some secret agents, organised a whole birthday surprise for the occasion. Once the clock reached the 0, we could hear Gangnam style play in the whole club, sparkles falling from nowhere, people holding glow sticks and a huge cake arrived : I was so chocked and speechless. So my reaction was, either I cry like a pumpkin, either I break into a hysterical smiling/hugging everybody/laughing/screaming crisis. I prefered the second option, which seemed much more appropiate. A huge THANK YOU again to the whole Styligh team, this was an incredible and completely unfogettable 19th birthday party!

DRESS : Rare Opulence 
BRACELETS : Swarovski and Avant Première