Friday, September 28, 2012


Pictures by James Vyn
WEARING CRIME SNEAKERS Though I am more of the ''glamourous'' type of girl, meaning I love pampering and dressing up, I must admit that some times it feels soo good to put on a nice pair of jeans, a comfortable top and some sneakers. Our days have been so busy lately that when we finaly managed to have a morning free in Milan after the fashion week I just wanted to throw on some cute yet comfortable clothing on, still look stylish but feel good and relaxed. James and I decided to hang out in the city, simply rest, enjoy the shops and the italian coffee. It was a great moment of our trip and I am actually quite happy with the way my outfit turned out. Usually when you think casual, it isn't obviously a sophisticated look but more like thorowing on some large shirts and pants on, however I am glad I managed to play with some interesting accessories in order to add a touch of fashion to my outfit.

I have received a couple of days ago some absolutely amazing Crime sneakers, which I instantly fell in love with. And you guys might know if you have been following me for a while, I never, ever wear baskets or sneakers. Seriously, have you ever seen me with something like that? Even James was surprised, and amused in a way. It felt actually quite strange to be walking in those, had the feeeling that I had ''duck'' feet. Don't ask me why... Anyway, the reason why I felt in love with those from Crime is because of their classic yet a little rock'n'chic design which appealed to me right away. I love the shape, the material, the qualitiy and of course they are so comfortable. I decided to pair them with an E-vil scarf and a Nation shirt I got at the Omnitrade showroom, my beloved Zara hat I simply can't get enough of and finally some new Guess jeans which have the most amazing print ever. Love them so much. Tomorrow James and I will be leaving to Paris for fashion week, so don't forget to follow me via facebook, twitter or instagram for on-the-go updates. Baci!


SHIRT : Nation
PANTS : Guess
SHOES : Crime
HAT : Zara
BAG : Chanel Vintage
SCARF : E-vil




Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Pictures by James Vyn
SECOND DAY IN MILAN After a very short night of rest, James and I had the chance to enjoy our last day of the Milan fashion week at the Dolce and Gabbana HQ showroom in the heart of the city. Honestly, I felt like a little girl in a huge candy bar : my eyes were sparkling and if I could, I would have definitely left with bags and shoes and coats and shoes again. My my... A real heaven. The goal of our visit was first of all to try some pieces from the current fall/winter collection in order to make a video that you guys will be soon able to discover, but of course I took advantage of the occasion to check out all the clothing. The collection, is typically italian : completely baroque inspired with a lot of colours and patterns but still with that little special touch which Dolce and Gabbana add to all of their creations. It is a mix of high elegance, with a modern feel and some quite "funky" details too if I may say so. All I can say is that all the clothing had such a huge charisma, and I could definitely feel all the hours of work behind it. The materials were luxurious and I couldn't but fell in love with some of the pieces.

So during the whole stay, I was thinking about a strategic plan DG which I established in my head in order to sneak out of the HQ with a little purse.... Of course I am joking (no I'm not...). It was quite difficult to choose an outfit, I ended up trying out 4 but you can have a look at my favourite one at the end of this post, the skirt was more than amazing. The pattern and of course the structure, everything seemed so perfect about it. So for the occasion, I decided to go for a dolce inspired outfit, and when I think DG I think leopard and those new pants were absolutely perfect for this little visit. I matched them to some neutral garments such as a white shirt and blazer, a classic Louis Vuitton from the new collection and finally a statement nacklace from Zara (notice that I took the big stone off , just felt better that way). Hope you guys will enjoy having a look at the Dolce and Gabbana show room and see you tomorrow for some more pictures from Milan.

SHIRT : Yes or No
BLAZER : Minusey
BAG : Louis Vuitton





Pictures by James Vyn
GLAMOUROUS James and I had the incredible chance to be invited right before our trip to Milan at the Veuve Clicquot 2012, business woman awards held at the Lakeside in Zürich on saturday. We were absolutely thrilled to take part in this incredible project, attend the show and of course meet the nominees. So on saturday morning we arrived at the Dolder Grand hotel located in the highs of Zürich were we had the chance to change and rest a bit before going to the awards. It was honestly one of the most gorgeous hotels I have seen in Switzerland, so a big thank you to Christelle for organising this gorgeous stay. For the occasion I have decided to wear the most beautiful red dress ever, a little Jessica Rabbit inspired isn't it? I always dreamt of finding the perfecrt red dress. There is nothing more fascinating to me than a woman in red. I just think it is so feminin, sexy, glamourous, chic and elegant at the same time. So when I saw this one on I couldn't resist, it was the perfect gown for the Veuve Clicquot awards and it made the right impression I believe.

Though ''business woman'' awards might sound a little bit feminist, there has been nothing such about this event. For those of you who know a little bit about the famous Veuve Clicquot champagne story then you might know that it has been ruled and founded by the one and only woman : Veuve Clicquot herself. After loosing her husband she dedicated herself into this whole business and now through generations and generations the Veuve Clicquot business woman awards is a way to celebrate her story and of course the upcoming business women who follow her lead. Such strong, ambitious and powerfull woman. Among the nominees were five gorgeous and incredibly talented who build up a whole empire with the help of their brains and hands. They all deserved the price of course but I already had a big crush on Bea Petri, owner and founder of the Schminkbar. And not only because she has created something that is involved with fashion and beauty but because of her warm smile and charisma, for me she was the winner. And so after a delicious 4 course dinner we finally had the chance to hear the winner announced : Bea Petri has won the Veuve Clicquot business woman awards 2012. It seems like she didn't only seduce me but the whole jury. So the lesson to me is, girls believe in yourself and if you have a dream or an idea burning inside of you, just go for it. The only rule is to follow your heart, it will lead you to the right place.


DRESS : Club Couture

CLUTCH : Vintage
EARRINGS : Dannijo