Thursday, August 30, 2012


Pictures by James Vyn
DRAMATIC WEATHER Summer is definitely gone in Switzerland... Such as my long hair (I know it's kind of a weird way to announce it to you guys, the weather introduction was just an excuse)! Yep I got two days ago (was it two days ago... loosing completely the notion of what day we are : thanks to holidays) a new hair cut! Yes I did, and you might think ''you're crazy omagad'' but I was actually thinking about it and planning this little change for quite a long time. I simply felt like my hair needed to get a little healthy punch, make them look ''fresh'' again and maybe also try out something new. I think it is always nice from time to time to change of hairstyle, new hair new woman, that's what they say. So you might not be able to actually see the difference in those pictures since I have got a chignon but you can have a look at my new hair style on my instagram (@kristina_bazan) or simply facebook page. It isn't a drastic difference, simply shorter, more volume and a little more rock and roll chic than before.

So I think it was the perfect decision before the fashion weeks start! James and I are so excited to discover the new collections. We aren't going in New York this year after all, we will be there next february. However we will definitely be in Paris and Milan this september and I am really looking forward to share the experience with you guys. So this was about my little update, of course I will give you more info closer to the date. Please note that the fashiolista contest for the NYFW is closed and the lovely winner is my friend Jessica Mercedes! So happy for her, it's going to be a really fun trip. Back to the outfit, this is the typical outfit I usually wear on a date with James. I like to be chic, elegant and sexy at the same time. Those incredible shorts just do it, no need to add a lot of jewerly or bright accessories. Since the weather is cooler, I always have a jacket with me. I have chosen this one from Queens Wardrobe because of it's absolutely gorgeous golden chain embelishment.

SHIRT : Isabel Lu
JACKET : Queens Wardrobe
RING : Backstage


Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Pictures by James Vyn
CASUAL As you might know, I am the kind of extremely weird person who wears very few jeans... Always thought that I should work on that since they are so comfortable and actually perfect for any occasion! Especially for travelling it is the perfect choice, it looks cool, sophisticated and modern at the same time. So I decided to wear my black layer skinny jeans from Plac which are one of the most comfortable pair I have ever tried. Their black colour makes them a timeless classic piece in my wardrobe and of course depending of the way I style it, with some elegant jewerly and bright heels for a special casual event or black blazer for a job interview /meeting, those are perfect for almost everyday. So it's definitely great to have in your closet at least one pair of super comfortable black skinny jeans, which shape is perfectly suited to your body and makes you look great no matter what. No inspiration? Go ahead with the black skinny jeans and a denim jacket, a perfect combo to rock the day. 

James and I were the other day in Lausanne for dinner and you know what, I juste wanted to stay comfy and warm though I am usually the first one to wear a dress and act all glamourous... I am quite tired (pissed off AND annoyed) of those sick weather swings which we had lately in Switzerland, I mean last week it was around 36 degree outside and right now I am freezing cold if I eat supper on the balcony. Could somebody explain... Since I didn't really get the time to get used to this new autumn climat I decided to go with the most simple outfit possible, classic but chic at the same time. I picked therefore my Plac Jeans, a Guess blouse from the new collection which I think looks really amazing,  heels just to add a little fashionable touch to the whole look and finally my new Der Liebling necklace from Not A Brand which I am so in love with. It seemed to me like the perfect statement necklace to go with my coral lips, felt the urge to add some colour to this monochromatic look. Not A Brand have got some amazing jewerly pieces, and I can't wait to show you a bracelet I got from them as well. Enjoy the pictures and see you tomorrow!

BLOUSE : Guess
JEANS : Plac Jeans
NECKLACE : Not A Brand
SHOES : Zara


Monday, August 27, 2012


Pictures by James Vyn
LINGERIE POST This is quite an unusual article, for the very obviously reason that I have yet never done any lingerie post, simply never had the opportunity to I guess or never thought about it, swimwear of course but yet this is as we all know a little bit different. However I simply couldn't resist the awesome occasion which showed up, Simone Pérèle, the famous french lingerie label in collaboration with Kayture, doesn't it sound quite exciting... It does to me. In this post and I am more than excited to show you some of the brand's gorgeous feminin pieces so you can have look and actually win your own personal lingerie set. How great is that? So showing you some lingerie yes, but giving away an awesome gift too which makes it even more worth it isn't it. I wanted to focus on the elegance and beauty of the materials and create something very romantic with this gorgeous nude lingerie pieces. Some delicate pictures in a boudoir atmosphere, and I think James and I achieved our goal. I love this little powdered vibe floating in the air, the golden veil, ''Lingerie Pink'' lipstick from YSL and this all together feels like the perfect lingerie post combo. 

I have never tried before high waisted panties, but those are more than incredible and look so gorgeous. Nude has always been my favourite colour for lingerie, simply because I think it is the most subtle and beautiful under the clothing since it suggests your own skin. Hate it when you can see colourfull lingerie showing under a shirt... So most of the items I own are in nude or very light beige and this set from Simone Pérèle is typically something I could wear under an evening dress since the panty is great to make the stomach look flat and gorgeous. Very good tip girls.The bra is a classic model, with lace embelishment and a little bow. it is perfect under almost any shirt and makes the bust look thinner and elegant as possible, it is not a push-up as I thought but instead creates a softer look.

You guys have the possibility to win and pick out your own personal set of Simone Pérèle lingerie, all you have to do is :

1. Answer this question : When did Simone Pérèle create her very first bra?
pssst : you can find a clue on
2. Follow Simone Pérèle on facebook
3. Follow my blog on facebook, bloglovin and twitter
4. Leave a comment under this post with your e-mail address and facebook/twitter name

JVP_8818 2

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Pictures by Jessica Mercedes and Leni Vergiss Mein Nicht
BERLIN As some of you might know if you are following me on instagram (@kristina_bazan), twitter or facebook, I have spent the end of the week in Berlin for a very cool project in partnership with Zalando. After the blogger carnival which was launched on my blog last week, they have decided to throw an even more interesting concept, the blogger apartment. I have received a couple of days ago a little key with a small card telling me that I will have the chance to visit this surprising place so I was really looking forward to it. Quite intruiging isn't it... I was more than amazed when I actually stepped in the huge loft, the interior was gorgeous very modern with original details. It was a whole apartment decorated especially for the occasion. Each room had it's own atmosphere and we had our whole day scheduled with an exciting program which I will talk to you about. So of course a Zalando blogger apartment would be nothing whithout the bloggers themself who were invited for the event such as Angelica from Mode Junkie, Jessica from Jmerced or Trine rom Trine's Wardrobe. We had a lovely time hanging around, getting to know each other around a coffee and macarons, simply having fun.

The whole point of the afternoon was obviously the new autumn Zalando collection which we had the chanche to discover and try everything out. After picking out our favourite outfit we had a little shooting organised, so quick stop by the make-up room which was I think the cutest place in the whole apartment. In a boudoir atmoshpere we got our make-up done, the tables were decorated with pink candy jars and sweet scented candles. We could do our nails, our hair or simply curl our lashes. Once we were done with the pictures we all sat in the apartment's kitchen were the coolest people made us Hugo cocktails, lattes, bagels and simply the most delicious snacks ever. I have decided to choose among the new collection a very romantic yet elegant lace top paired to a green skirt and black booties. It seemed to be a very chic yet comfortable outfit for the whole day. Have a look at the whole new Zalando collection by clicking here.