Wednesday, May 30, 2012


BRIGHT I've always been a bit scared of wearing pink for a very simple reason, the over-the-top girly effect, especially when it's matched to blond hair. However since a couple of months I took up the challenge. How to wear pink and still look elegant, classy and avoid the walking bimbo effect. It is hard resisting these upcoming summer trends, neons, pastel and as you may have noticed it pink is one of the highlight colours of the season. The goal is to make pink look stylish, effortless and break that childish barbie effect. When I have seen this dress on Queens Wardrobe's online shop I immediatly immagined how it would look like once I'll have it on me and the items I'd choose to match it, a lot of classic details and simple minimalistic jewerly. Therefore I have chosen to pair this neon pink dress to a vintage Chanel bag ( who actually is falling a bit a part, it's been in the family for a while now and I am so attached to it I don't even want to go and repair it : it will kind off erase the history and past of the bag), to my new Jimmy Choo Anouk stilletos and to some very simple silver necklaces from H&M. And that's it. Nude lipbalm, clear nailpolish and natural hair all that to bring to the look a classy yet cool outlook. What do you think about it?

Wish you all guys a great end of the week,  and  a lot of courage for your exams! There's not much time left before summer so it's the occasion to give all we got and do our best. For my part, I know I'll be working like a crazy person this week-end so you might not hear a lot from me however you can still follow me on my twitter to read my cries of desperation and pictures of the food I eat ( yes, twitter is the best way to share food pictures, I call it TW-EATER).

HEELS : Jimmy Choo
BAG : Chanel
LIPSTICK : Carmex lipbalm

Monday, May 28, 2012


Pictures by JAMES VYN

THE PERFECT SUMMER OUTFIT A soon as I saw this dress on Stefani bags, I couldn't think of anything else than summer, long walks by the beach, cocktail parties and so on. It is by Winter Kate, Nicole Richi's clothing brand, and I think, for this dress at least, she sould have changed the name for Summer Kate. The dress, is simply perfect for summer, with it's bright ocean colour, light material and open back : it's my favourite piece for this upcoming hot season. James and I enjoyed a bit of rest this week-end between our math books and exam preparations. We went out for a long promenade by the lake, savoured a delicious meal at a local restaurant, and enjoyed some delicious ice-creams while admiring the incredible view. It was the perfect way to end the day. For the outfit, once again I picked out some of my favourite Fabi flat sandals that I think matched quite perfectly the Winter Kate dress. It's actually very unusual : already second outfit of the week and no heels. What is happening to me... Back to the clothing, matched all together it makes a very bright yet comfortable outfit perfect for summer parties or simply late spring evenings. To complete the whole look, I picked out some bright jewerly pieces and a coral lipstick by M.A.C. Smooch!

DRESS : Winter Kate
BRACELET : Avant Première
SHOES : Fabi
LIPSTICK : M.A.C ''Vegas Volt''
NAILPOLISH : Uslu Ailines

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Pictures by JAMES VYN
SUGAR RUSH Hope this post will make you hungry, because there is no place on earth where I eat as much as I do in Paris. All those restaurants, various terraces and cafés they all look so welcoming and just make me want to try them all out. James and I had the chance to experience quite a lot of them and there are some places you guys really musn't miss, for example the Angelina, where you can have the most incredible hot chocolates ( similar to a chocolate soup, these hot chocolates are made of actual melted chocolate, not usual cocoa powder just like everywhere else. Makes it very special and traditional), the Ralph's for the athmosphere and the incredible cooking, Razowski for the best burgers ( James and I are burger fans and burger expert, so watch out), Thoumieux for incredible traditional cuisine, the First for a lovely hidden terrace with amazing food, l'Arc for the stylish and luxurious athmosphere, L'Avenue for incredible food and perhaps you'll spot many common faces out there (Jennifer Aniston and Mika are big fans of this place) and I could go on for hours with the places I love. Obviously, when we come to Paris it's quite difficult to see all of it but we try out best to discover new places each time. Any suggestions? So during our trip, of course we couldn't miss an occasion to go to Ladurée ( even though we also have it in Switzerland, it is much more classy eating macarons in Paris isn't it). For the occasion I decided to dress up like a walking cupcake, with yellow pastel shades which make me look bit like a lime macaron or a lemon curd cake, you choose, I pick both. The fun fact, it's been a while since I haven't posted pictures in flat shoes. Quite funny, I am indeed a lover of high heels but it's not that easy walking in 12 cm Stilettos in the streets of Paris, I let you try. Big challenge. So I felt extremely happy with my flat Zara sandals on. Need to take care of those little feet!

Well I don't know what about you but, I am hungry now. Having a look at these pictures remind me very nice memories and I think I'm going to go grab some sweets before getting back to my exam preparations. Wish you all guys a lot of motivation and luck for your own preparations as well, the most important is to do our best. That's all that matters!

DRESS : Uniqueen
CLUTCH : Minusey
NAILPOLISH : Chanel 'Coco Blue''

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Pictures by JAMES VYN
 BEFORE GOING OUT FOR DINNER I just love these moment of the day, while getting ready for a party, an event or even for a dinner with friends. Choosing the outfit, using perfumes and creams, getting the make-up done : it's such a relaxing and pleasant ritual for any woman. But of course, I am always in a lack of time : I could get ready for hours and hours. Not because I apply ten coats of make-up and do extremely complicate hair up-do's but because I like doing it all slowly, listening to music, having a coffee at the same time. Might sound weird but it's actually a big tradition which can sometimes annoy James who waits on me for hours ( sorry about that, not my fault if I am as slow as a turtle). Each time, before heading to an event I get very happy and excited, and taking my time during the preparation ritual the makes me savour each second of this peaceful and feminin athmosphere.  So here are some picture James shot at our hotel room in Paris before heading for dinner. I was wearing that day a glitter Windsor dress with some golden jewerly from Edge of Ember. Of course, I couldn't resist my new pair of Jimmy Choos Anouk Stilettos and decided to wear them during the evening.
Hope you guys will enjoy this couple of pictures!