Wednesday, November 30, 2011


CHRISTMAS, NEW YEARS'S EVE AND SO ON Instead of freezing my poor sick body outside, in the winter, cold as hell, weather, ( Yes, I am still stuck at home, with a huge cold and tons of pills and various medicines, how fun... The best part of it is that I have to stay alone because my illness is contagious. Great.) I decided to make an indoor outfit. No actually not one, not two, not THREE. But four outfits ( just to show you how much I am bored...) perfect for any winter event coming up a in few weeks. I thought it would be a good idea since it is always so difficult to pick up the correct outfit when it comes about winter dinners out with friends or different christmas parties hanging around the fireplace. These few pictures are for sure a mix of my inspirations for my upcoming season looks. A lot of see through and lace materials, knitwear, burgundy and red shades, faux fur, golden necklaces and so on. Perhaps, these outfits aren't extravagant enough for New Year's  Eve, at least they aren't for me ( Hello, New Year's Eve, glitters, sparkles, sequins, colours, d-r-a-m-a!).. But I think there are definitely some ideas to pick up. And of course the Vogue, is simply perfect to get some ideas. It is for sure the fashion bible to read.

Also you must be wondering where I got the energy, if I were ( and is still now) sick to shoot four different looks. Well don't get me wrong, it was a real sacrifice... But the blog always gives me a holly actif push, and I just couldn't lay another day in my bed. I missed fashion, and got tired of my hello kitty pyjamas and thick puffy socks. But I can tell you that once I was finished with the pictures, I litterally ran to pick up some tissues and to take my cough syrup . So, I hope it was worth it, and that you will enjoy those few pictures, let me know what you think about these series. I think it is a nice idea, and I will perhaps continue making one post with various outfits. Enjoy!

Outfit 1 :
SHOES : Zara
BELT : Zara
LIPSTICK : Vegas Volt M.A.C

Outfit 2 :

SHIRT : Zara
NECKLACE  : A gift from Tokyo

Outfit 3 :

BODY : Vintage
LIPSTICK : M.A.C ''Saint Germain''

Outfit 4 : 

BLOUSE : BCBG Maxazria
LIPSTICK : M.A.C ''Diva''

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


BEAUTY Finally the video I have been now promising for weeks is finished, and I must say that filming is much more difficult than doing simple pictures. My clip was at first 17 minutes... Can you believe it, seriously even I am now wondering what I could have possibly shown during such a long time. Well I guess I did well and it is finally about five minutes long. The most important of my make-up is there, meaning the eye routine with the primer, eye shadow, eye liner and mascara. I don't wear a lot of foundation, so I just use powder and a bit of concelaer if I have rednesses, a bit of blush aswell. I thought it would be less interesting to show this in the video but you can still check the products I use for my face make-up here : CLICK. Basically I use my clinic s.o.s formula foundation as a concealer, and also if I have some little flaws to hide, but I never apply on the whole face. It is a great product because it dries very fast and is oil-free. For the powder, I like both Clinic and Too faced, I choose both formula to mattify the skin.

You can also see in this clip that I don't have any special trick to apply lipstick, as many of you asked me. I simply use very bright shades, from M.A.C usually, that are really easy to apply. It happends sometimes with dark colours such as dark wine red that I use a speacial lip brush to draw a nice shape. Butmost of the time I am not patient enough, and make my make-up in about 10minutes. So finally, I hope you will enjoy the video, even though some parts are cut because they were too long I think the essential is here. Also you can find in this post a few complementary pictures with zooms on my eye make-up and some details such as the products I use, and why I have chosen them. I hope I answered to your questions reagrding my make-up routine, if you have any other request, please don't mind!

I am using for my eye make-up the ''Bronze Goddess''from Estée Lauder. I bought this palette last summer, it was the special beach beauty collection and they had a lot of various golden and brown shades that I really liked. My eye make-up has been a few years ago made of black and grey eye shadow, but I noticed that brown gives that same ''big eyes'' effect in a more natural way. Since I discovered this make-up, I am a fan and wear in honestly everyday. It makes my eyes look bigger and deeper.

1. First I apply the ''Tea Biscuit'' colour on the whole lid, which is a light silverish cream shade. I do this to illuminate and make my eye look brighter.

2. Then, above the lid I draw a half circle with the ''Bronze cube'' colour. It is a dark brown with bordeau glitters. This gives and illusion of bigger eyes. I also apply this shade under my eyes.

To finish the look I like to put some eye-liner and a lot of layers of deep black mascara. The best mascaras I have tried are all from Lancôme : Hypnose, Vertuose and Hypnose Doll eyes are really good products. The lashes are longer and thicker, and of course the quality is amazing. After one layer you already have a spectacular effect, after two even more. I use an eye-liner pen, because it is a lot easier to apply. 

Monday, November 28, 2011


LAZY SICK WEEK-END Remember how I told you that I was going to spend my weekend at home with TV shows, soups and beauty treatments? Well it ended up with pills, tissues and hot honey tea. I was sick, stuck deeply in the hot sheets of my bed with a huge scarf around the neck. It is unbelievable, each time cold weather shows up, I catch up strong winter illnesses. Perhaps I should try to wear more winter adapted outfits for the blog... That is something I will seriously think about! Luckily James came to entertain me a little, we have spent time watching movies such as ''The Mask'' which actually made me laugh so hard ( and then caught so hard...). Cameron Diaz is for sure one super hottie and I wondered how would I have behaved if I wore this green mask that accentuates your personality. I think I would have ran to the closest shopping center to buy new shoes, and then baked some winter cookies... So basically this was my very exciting weekend, I hope to get better soon because tons of projects are waiting. What about you guys, how was your week-end?

This outfit was shot a few days ago when I was out in the center of Lausanne for a Dinner. We were about to taste one of the famous winter traditional meals called '' La Chasse'' made of an assortement of differemeent meats at our favourite restaurant. I decided to go with a snow white look, red lips on extremely pale skin. A white blouse from Isabel Lu, a red skirt from Zara and my beloved Miu Miu to finish the ensemble. The faux-fur jacket is very warm even if there is no sleeves and is good for cool winter days. Also this vintage clutch is one of my favourite of the season, it is too small for a whole day out but it is nice to take with during a dinner or a party.

BLOUSE : Isabel Lu
HEELS : Miu Miu
CLUTCH : Vintage
BRACELET : Parfois
BELT : Zara
LIPSTICK : Rouge Volupté 17 ''Red Muse''

Saturday, November 26, 2011


LAZY SATURDAY When you keep on rushing all week long, swinging between math classes, shootings, e-mails and other tasks, nothings feels better than taking some time to rest during the week-end. Therefore it is nice to sleep a little more than usually, make some beauty winter treatments such as hydrating masks or vanilla smelled body peelings. Also I love watching TV shows and eat those delicious soups you can buy at my local super market. This is what my ideal winter lazy day looks like. Also I wanted to let you know that I wasn't a full couch patatoe today, I have spent my morning fliming the make-up video and am sop excited to work on it. No long text for today, I rush back to bed. It's time to watch ''two and a half men''! Have a nice week-end xx

New shoe-crush, these little treasures were bought last week in Zara.
My new jewel clutch, thanks to wanderlust!

Amazing gifts from, love the neon sweater!

Goodies brought back to friends form Tokyo.

New make-up essentials.

Sparkles in a powder puff from Dior. Perfect for a nice winter glow.

When the weather gets too gray, this Sunshine frangance is perfect to boost up one's mood.

Baby shampoo for delicate hair.

A gift that one of my friend brought me back from her visit at the Harry Potter park in Orlando. It's even written KAY on it, how cool is that.

Other jewerly pieces I received yesterday from wanderlust.

Amazing nailpolish colour for Chirstmas called ''MEET & JINGLE''

Thursday, November 24, 2011


SPARKLES AND PORCELAIN SKIN These pictures were made a few weeks ago, when the weather was not as cold as it is today. That is why wearing a skirt whithout two layers of tights was alright: Oh I miss those times... The skirt was my october crush and was bought during my trip in Lisbon. As soon as I saw it, my heart melted ( It did for real. I had these butterflies in my stomach. Well actually I don't know if it was because of the skirt or because of the huge sushi plate lunch I had earlier that day, big question). Now tell me, how is it possible to fall in love with a skirt? Well it has to be really, sprarkly with tons of glitters and sequins. Therefore it has to pop in your face like an atomic bomb when you see it. So the love story between my skirt and I began. ''She'' is hanging out with me in these few pictures paired to one of my favourite Forever 21 black blouse which is really nice because of her half see-through material and structure with puffy sleeves. The shoes are from a brand called MAX, and I must say that even if I think they look gorgeous, the really aren't comfortable. Believe me, I know it. I was wearing them for the Miss Switzerland show and was so afraid to fall.

For the jewerly I picked up some silver elements, such as this necklace from that I love for it's polished and very minimalistic shape. All the three braclets were bought in Lisbon aswell in a great jewerly shop called parfois. To finish the whole outfit I decied that red lips would be perfect to contrast with the skirt, to create a sort of a vamp look. Actually a lot of you ask me to show you my make-up routine, and I thought it could be a really nice idea : therefore I will work on a video post saturday to show you my make-up tricks. You can expect the video for monday ( If I find a good movie maker program for windows, any suggestions?).

SKIRT : Zara
SHIRT : Forever 21
JEWERLY : & Parfois
CLUTCH : B-low the Belt

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Pictures By JAMES VYN

 FAUX FUR MATCHED TO GLITTERS Finally a look with a vest, this is worth a few applauses isn't it? Well yes I did take it off for the few next pictures, but again, how can I hide the dress? Thanks to storets, I received it a few weeks ago and was so excited to wear it. I love it's  straight shape embelished by beautiful short puffy sleeves and the high colar. The bronze glitters make the dress a bit more wearable for daytime instead of the usual gold ones. I paired it to some black tights that keep good warm ( a little tip for those who are always cold like me : wear two pairs of tights, and/or some black socks underneath. I always find solution for the heavy Swiss colds!). Also just bought these amazing heels from Cuple, a great brand from spain. I love the thick golden heel,  it reminded me the latest miu miu shoe collection. The little clutch is from Topshop, and was bought in Tokyo, I just love the turquoise hearts an I mainly use it as a wallet since it doesn't have much space. A lipstick can also fit ( a little one).

 I decided to combine the whole outfit with this faux-fur vest, which is also from storets. Fur has always been fashionable, and during many centuries, wearing real fur was a sign of a rich and wealthy life, yet fur is is the symbol of luxury. And if you open any high-fashion magazine right now, at this second ( Vogue, Elle, Bazaar...) you will for sure see some fur. I am a lover of fur because of the structure it brings to an outfit, but I am against wearing real animal fur, that is why I always to choose fake fur, which is a good solution even if it suggests the fact that you wear real one. Should we completely stop wearing fur, fake or real?

SHOES : Cuple
CLUTCH : Topshop