Sunday, October 30, 2011


Pictures by JAMES VYN
A STEP FORWARD This week-end was so nice, because it was my birthday I decided that one day for celebration wasn't enough and so took the whole week-end with my family for indulgments and little life pleasures. So first, we had all together a dinner in our favourite restaurant where I had the chance to blow the candles of a huge strawberry cake. Then the day after was all about a bit of shopping in town with a movie night and some cocktails. And to end up a day at the spa to relax.

I will put the pictures we took tomorrow on my blog, but meanwhile here is a colourfull outfit I wore a few days ago during a walk in town. The weather was pretty nice so a simple faux-fur scarf was perfect to keep warm. Those orange pants from are incredibly comfortable and look good paired to a simple white blouse.

BAG : Victoria's Secret

Friday, October 28, 2011


LEGAL MAJORITY Today is my big day, I am finally 18 years old. What a big step in the adulthood, even if it seems a bit scary at first I must admit that I am highly excited and don't know why but feel my bones filled with the fresh air of freedom ( how poetic). The best part of birthdays? The gifts, the greeting card, the flowers and of course the balloons... You get here a little preview but I will for sure make a whole birthday goodies post.

So right now I am writing in a huge rush, trying to type as usually do on my keyboard while I am curling my hair, some say women can do many things at the time, I guess they are right. So many good things coming up, also I am trully looking forward to make my laguages for Tokyo, where I am invited as a guest blogger for the Vogue's Fashion Night out, you can check out my profile on Ultrabloggers HERE, the brand new web-site I am working with.

Thursday, October 27, 2011



A FEW WEEKS AGO So perhaps you guys remember when James and I had our trip to Paris a couple of time ago to meet Armand Ventilo in his room, well during those few days spent in the gorgeous city I had the chance to shoot with a great and very talented photographer from Switzerland who moved to France, her name is Elena Kuznetsova and her work is quite fascinating.

I really wanted to share with you those few pictures we have done together, not only I think that the styling is remarkable and very high fashion but also there is a huge originality that I highly enjoy in this shooting more than in anyone else. I won't even explain to you what my hair bore that day, they got squeezed in everyway, twisted in all directions and I needed three shampoos and two masks to get them back straight. But sometimes it is worth it, no?

DRESSES : Thanks to Evelyn from

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Pictures by JAMES VYN

 HOT COLOURS I am not saying that my outfit is ''genial'' as you may have supposed. No, actually the name of this post is dedicated to my favourite lipstick of the month which is called as perhaps you have understood ''genial'', and the name fits quite good to this bright pink colour, number 187 of the chanel rouge allure collection. I always said it, for me the lipstick colour is a part of the outfit, and here it adds this little original touch.

Well I guess I have finally decided to wear a jacket, and I think it is a good decision, even though I will probably go on and walk around half undressed during this fall. I picked a simple black top, a faux fur Zara jacket without sleeves and a tangerine skirt matched to a bicoloured celine inspired clutch, to finally add some golden accessories.

VEST : Zara
SHOES : Zara
SKIRT : Zara

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Pictures by JAMES VYN

CAPELINE As you can see I keep on going with my protest against winter jackets, I truly hate the cold and hate the need of hiding clothes with warm vests during fall which is actually usually much warmer in Switzerland at this time of year than it is now. I guess I will have to keep on suffering a few months, but it is worth it. Sometimes fashion is worth sacrifices. However I won't lie to you, I did have that day a warm coat with me, I simply don't show it. Sneaky isn't it?

This outfit has been a lot inspired by the eighties, with the big trend from those times of wide pants and a little boho chic attitude. I always loved taking some inspirations from the past for my outfits and making them new, therefore I paired these amazing Isabel Lu camel wide pants to a classic knitwear sweatshirt from The accessories are the key of the outfit, a capeline, same bangles from and an Ipad case I received from You are perhaps wondering what shoes I am wearing underneath that pants? I let you guess, it was a bit sad to hide them.

PANTS : Isabel Lu