Saturday, July 30, 2011

COCKTAILS AND ORANGE LIGHTS These are the last pictures I have to show you from my trip in Greece. They were made in the gorgeous Galaxy bar of Athens' Hilton hotel. We were looking for a good place to spend our last night, and a lot of people told us that the view from this bar is one of the best in town. We ate in a nice restaurant, and then took the taxi to the hilton. The place was spectacular, the ambiance was so chic and modern, with it's red and orange lights and beautiful terrasse from which you can see the Parthenon. It was the perfect spot for our last day.

After ordering some Strawberry Margaritas, Bloody Maries and fruit juices, we relaxed while talking about the great week we have spent and took some light painting pictures. We stayed in the bar until late at night, and then straight to the hotel for a good night of rest, tomorrow early flight straight to Switzerland.

Friday, July 29, 2011

ACROPOLIS After a wonderfull stay in Paros where we had the chance to enjoy refreshing sea water and a traditional atmosphere, we decided to take some time to visit Athens since we were so close. First of all, we rented a lovely room for one night in the town center and thought about what things were the most important to see. Our choice ended up being the Acropolis Museum ans the Parthenon with it's spectacular view. The visit at the museum was full of new discoveries, Greek sculptures were so impressiv for their age. 

We decided to take a little break in the gorgeous restaurant on the rooftop of the museum, we ordered some greek dishes : such as veal meat with grape bites baked in wine and a multicolred salad with a wine dressing. For dessert I tasted a delicious frozen vanilla drink with oreo sprinkles on the top, not very greek but yet very good. Such a great meal brought us loads of energy to climb to the Partheon. As you can notice it on the pictures, I couldn't stop smiling that day, I felt lucky to be in such beautiful place.

TOP : H&M / SHORTS : Zara / FLATS : bought in a greek souvenir shop / BAG :

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


SUMMER SEA AND COCKTAILS During our trip in greece we had the chance to visit the best beach clubs in Paros, thanks to a greek friend of us who was our guide for the whole week. My favorite one must have been Punda Beach, it is such a fun place : people are dancing on the best clubbing music in swimwear while drinking some fruit beverages. The ambiance was all about party and we danced all day long.

I took with me two bikinis, I always like to change my bikini after swimming to feel a bit warmer. The first and my most favorite summer bikini is the one from Vitamin A, a great brand for swimwear. The other orange one is from h&m, I was so happy when I found it : my orange-obession still goes on. Maybe I have danced to much, because now that I look at my skin , I feel a bit disappointed : I really wished to get brown as chocolate, guess I'll just stay white yoghurt.

BIKINIS : Vitamin A ( green one ), H&M ( orange one)