Tuesday, May 31, 2011



Sometimes a simple detail makes me fall in love with a garment : a special color, a beautiful fabric, an original structure and design. With this dress bought last season in zara I had my little heart time. I only saw the front at first. Took it anyway because of the slight epauletts it has and then I noticed the beautiful dos-nu made of little bow-ties. Simply gorgeous.

The dress is quiet short I must admit, but I tried anyway to wear it with heels and a high chignon to make the look less romantic and more elegant. I like to pair this kind of type of romantic flowery garment with simple details such as a cool clutch and some simple high-heels. Some pink lipstick to give it  a little color standout and a discret vintage necklace I found in a tiny swiss shop.I definetly love " Just Anna Shoes" brand. These heels are in a slightly gray lavender tone, they have the perfect high and the platform has a very special shape I really enjoy.
SHOES : Thanks to " JUST ANNA SHOES" / DRESS : Zara / CLUTCH : H&M / LIPSTICK : Too Faced "Cupcake"

Monday, May 30, 2011


I just can't stop thinking about holidays, straw hats and strawberry lipgloss with tons of vitamin water by the pool. I can't stop, I can't wait :). I am so excited that yesterday, instead of working on my last exams , I took out of my closet all of my bikinis and summer beauty products just to vizualise my future summer beach bag.

The result? Tons of "Vitamin A" bikinis which look so great ( it's not always easy to put them on, they have quiet of a complicated design but are flawless once wore), some victoria's secret scrub to have gorgeous skin and some hawaiian tropic oils. I really like H&M's bikinis, they are so colorfull and have a really flattering cut. Lip glosses are my must in summer, it looks so fresh and juicy and protects your lips from the sun. I choose the lancome's juicy tubes, they have a great flavour and also have a long lasting shine. The only inconvenience is the sticky feeling you get while wearing it. Also, clarins bronzer is recommended for me at the beginning of summer : my skin is way too pale without. And finally some body shop's vanilla mist to refresh.

Sunday, May 29, 2011



 How good is sunday, waking up at 10 o'clock with some strawberries and coffee without thinking a second about any schedule plan, it feels awesome after a hard working school week. Abviously today the weather was too hot, we have definetly huge weather swings here in switzerland so you can never plan rain or sun in advance even after checking the weather predictions.

I decided to wear some Isabel Lu garment I got and was so excited to show you : I couldn't wait. So the shorts and the top are from the brand, I love everything about it. From the cut to the textil . Everything is such high quality and so light textured. It feels great when such hot weather's outside. The shoes are a gift I picked at Just Anna's shoes ( thanks to the adorable Anna! ). The brand is trully amazing I really suggest you guys to check the online shop. The shoes are great quality, the designs are so beautiful, it has some gold detailing and the leather is really amazing. And best part : they are very comfortable even though they look so high. I have spent the whole day wearing them and my feet don't even hurt a bit, that is sign that the shoes got some potential! :)

SHIRT : Isabel Lu / SHORTS : Isabel Lu / GLASSES : Michael Kors / SHOES : Thanks to JUST ANNA'S SHOES / LIP STICK : M.A.C "Vegas Volt" / CLUTCH : H&M / BELT : H&M

Friday, May 27, 2011



A simple little black dress is the only garment you really have to and must possess in your wardrobe. You can use it all the time, for summer with sandals or winter with tights and a nice coat. For casual or formal with beautiful jewerly and accessories. You can pair it to everything, any colors matches black don't they?
I have found one I really love, and having a few little black dresses with diferent designs and textils is really nice. If one morning you wake up and don't have a lot of immagination about some outfit : go ahead put on the lbd and you will be good for any event.

The one I wear here is an isabel lu one, I am definetly addicted to that brand, and got myself a lot of things to try out which I am so looking forward to show you. I love the brand especially because of the materials they use. The quality is so good you really want to wear only that type of textile : it feels light as air and smooth as hell.  The dress is quite short, and depending of the lightining is a bit transparent but if you wear the right underwear you've got nothing to worry about. So after such a hot day with the black isabel lu dress, and tough working day at school : nothing feels better than some resting time with sushis. Good friday night you guys!

DRESS : Isabel Lu / SHOES : zara / LIPSTICK : M.A.C's diva

Wednesday, May 25, 2011



I have discovered american apparel brand quite a long time ago while I was in Miami with my family, and since then I really admire the top quality and the basic but still well structured clothes they do. There is such a wide color range, and so many differents types of garments. Another aspect I must say is quite impressive is the pictures they use to show their products, the girls aren't skinny as they usually are. They are sexy and look like people we know, it is great to see normal and healthy looking models on the shots. It gives such an edgy and casual style to the brand. American apparel's designs seems to fit all of us. From classic cuts to more original and extravagant, it is easy to find something you'll fall in love with.

You have already seen my post wild charms, the body was from AA. Here is another outfit where I wear a marvelous electric blue dress I bought on their web-site. I love the flashy shimmery texture of it and also the cut, which is so well done for summer's hot days. Some blue heels and red lipstick to complete a kind of pin-up look. Perfect for a lunch in town.

DRESS : American Apparel / HEAD-BAND : H&M / HEELS : zara / BAG : Chanel ( vintage)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Sometimes a random post about some new awesome closet or drawr income is a nice interlude beetween all those outfit posts. I got the chance today to do some shopping and I found some great stuff in H&M, silky blouses or nice jumpers, a great cream pink clutch. I can't wait to make pictures wearing these few things to show you guys.

Also this month of may I discovered a few really nice things in the make-up domain such as the dior's safari beige nail laquer. I am really mad about nude tones so I couldn't stop thinking about this shade and kind of had to get it. I tried it, and loved it. Usually I use chanel, opi or essence nail polishes and never tried dior one's, I have been surprised in a good way. The quality is amazing, the colour is strong. The price isn't cheap but sometime's it's worth it when you have a big big crush. There is also this new shade of chanel's rouge allure I enjoyed a lot n.187 : a hot coral/pink that looks amazing with my pale skin and appears bright enough for night but delicate for the day.

Another thing I enjoyed this month? My heart-shaped butter cookies I eat all the time, they are lime flavoured and taste so good. I go grab some right away :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011



With all those hacking stuff, I've spend most of my week-end dealing with my accounts and computers. Seriously, I am soo amazed ( in a bad way) of some people who's life resume on messing up with other people's life. I mean it's a total loss of time. I think even if someone explains to me, I won't understand such stupidity. 
Anyway, enough is enough and I am quiet tired speaking about it. I have spend my friday in Zurich, the weather was perfect and I enjoyed some familly time and some sushi take-away. Saturday and sunday I felt like staying home and taking some nice resting time. Enjoying my couch and watching some cool movie with james while eating blueberries and spinach tortellinis. It was really nice, it feels always so good to stay a bit at home and feel the calm and cozy atmosphere.

We did those pictures thursday, it was such a hot day and I though that taking my long black summer H&M dress was a good idea. This season I really enjoy those long dresses, at the beach or in town they always are original and make other's head turn. I would really like to have a cream or stripy one. I'll be looking up carefully. The accessories from this outfit are the same as sain-germain outfit actually,  it is just that this purse fits so well with that pinkish M.A.C lipstick that I can't resist pairing them both together.
Enjoy your monday morning folks :)

DRESS : H&M / PURSE : Chanel / SHOES : Bally / LIPSTICK : M.A.C Saint-germain /